Living on Bowen Island

A small alluring island located in Howe Sound and close to Vancouver, Bowen Island (also called “The Happy Isle”) is bestowed with natural beauty and a temperate climate. Being so close to the mainland, Bowen Island is considered to be a neighborhood island of Vancouver. You can reach Bowen in just twenty minutes from ferry terminal at Horseshoe Bay while relaxing on the ferry ride. An idyllic and alluring destination, it is considered a welcome escape from hectic and stressful life in the city, helping you rejuvenate your mind and body.

Ocean & Forest

Bowen island is known for its exquisite climate, from ocean to forest. In addition, the freshness of air is one of the most noticeable aspects of this beautiful island. The island experiences rainfall of about 150 to 180 centimeters every year, resulting in vegetation that is lush green. This type of weather and climate is great for gardening and taking in all seasons in pure relaxation.

When it comes to wildlife, there is an abundance of the same. You will notice deer moving everywhere and blue herons, eagles, and birds of several other species can be part of your bird watching expeditions. Off the coastline, you can often see dolphins swimming in pods, offering a breathtaking view.

The Perfect Place to Enjoy Life

Apart from the opportunity to explore natural beauty, Bowen Island lets you enjoy a diverse range of fun activities. If you love the outdoors, then there is mountain biking, hikes, paddle boarding, kayaking, golf, horse riding, scuba diving, and a lot more for you to explore. Moreover, there are several outdoor events and concerts taking place at the island that will keep you engaged. In addition, there are art galleries, museum, restaurants, and different community events to enjoy.

Additionally, there are several cafes, restaurants, and food lounges to try out some lip-smacking recipes. It can be international dishes, handmade delicacies, or West-coast cuisine, that you will certainly want your taste buds to explore.

You will enjoy a casual walk on the winding forest trails or if you love swimming, there are several beaches with clean fresh water. Bowen Island has everything for a relaxed and stress free living.


The Outdoors

Bowen Island offers a myriad of:

Hiking and trails offering varying difficulty levels
Nine-hole golf course for a challenging game amidst breathtaking views of Howe Sound
Opportunity to take part in sporting activities such as tennis, soccer & baseball
There are also several sports and fitness programs that will be able to participate in
Kayaking, boating, sailing, diving, swimming, and paddle-boarding. You can be part of the Round Bowen Challenge, which is a three kilometer race that is open to canoes, kayaks, outriggers, and stand up paddle-boards
Trail bike and mountain bike riding can be done on marked trails. There is also a Bike Park at Bowen Island
Horse riding on marked trails and Bowen island also has an equestrian ring
Enjoy snowboarding or skiing at Cypress or Grouse mountain

Isolated and Unique

When you reach Bowen Island, you will find it to be completely different from city life. There are no traffic lights, shopping malls, movie theaters, fast food restaurants, or parking meters, offering you a tranquil, secluded, and peaceful environment to cherish.

If you want to get refreshed and leave the hectic lifestyle of a metro city, then Bowen Island is the right destination to explore.

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