Bowen Island Real Estate

If you want to purchase a house close to a metro city, but not within the city limits then Bowen Island will be the perfect destination for you. The island is just few kilometers from Vancouver and you can reach this lovely island by taking a short ferry ride. As an experienced real estate firm we can help you select a property at Bowen Island that perfectly meets your requirement.

Why buy a house on Bowen Island?

You will find all the essential amenities available at the island to make life easier. Moreover, there is a friendly community that you will want to become a part of, while enjoying nature’s beauty and serenity at the island. There are very strong indicators of growing popularity of Bowen Island as the most ideal place to buy a home, let us look at them here.


It's the only remotely isolated island community closest to Vancouver - 1 hour by car and 20 minutes by boat.


At Bowen island, houses in every category are a lot more affordable compared to houses in Vancouver. Studies reveal that the houses are about 40% more affordable.


It is estimated that by 2031, the population at Bowen Island will be around 5,100, which will be a forty percent growth from 2015 figures, highlighting the fact that more people are interested in living at the island.


At Bowen Island, the property values are rising at a significant rate. For instance, a home's value at Bowen island (whether it is a waterfront property, a custom home, a lot, or anything else) moved up by almost 9% from July 2019 figure of $934,000 to reach the 1 million mark within 1 year (by July 2020). It is a clear indication of growing demand for homes at this small peaceful island.


All throughout the metro area, Tsawwassen, Sunshine Coast, and Bowen Island experienced largest 1 month increase in home prices last December. In addition, last December the region around Surrey, B.C. saw sales moving up by 81% compared to normal sales figures, indicating a sharp increase in interest among buyers for properties in the region.


The rise in real estate growth is a clear reflection of dispersion we are witnessing from the time pandemic affected our lives. Now, those who are able to work from home instead of having to commute downtown are making location decisions by considering lifestyle factors. Bowen island provides the most scenic and tranquil environment to live and work at, making it one of the most preferred destinations for property seekers. The surge in demand is the primary reason we are witnessing a sharp rise in property value's at Bowen island.


Irrespective of whether you are looking for a custom home, lot, cabin, waterfront property, or anything else, we can help you in your property search at Bowen Island. We will also guide you in selecting a property that will be most suitable for you as per your needs and negotiate the price on your behalf. In addition, we have the expertise to take care of every aspect of the purchase transaction, so that you do not have to worry about the involved legal and technical aspects.